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Terms and conditions of FARLA BELGIUM



Placing an order through our website means that you have accepted our terms and conditions, and our policy. The customer undertakes to read the Terms of Use as a prerequisite,

The policies change over time and so the customer has to check the conditions from time to time.

Please take note of the fact that we reserve the right to change without notice the data submitted by us as a result of general changes to the products or generally for technical reasons,

Any information given on our website is for information purposes only. It is believed to be reliable and is subject to change without any prior notice. Products and services described may differ from time to time.

We reserve the right to refuse an order if it is not corresponding with the general terms and conditions or with our policy.

Please note that all purchases made on our online store are handled under Belgium law and any legal disputes which may arise in connection with ordering at the online store shall be settled at the competent Belgium court in Antwerp.

By accessing our website, you accept our privacy policy. You also accept that the use of our website may be monitored, tracked and recorded.



The list prices do not include the VAT, import & export duties, freight and handling fees etc. and can at any time be changed or regulated by us, without prior notice.



The payment will be due within immediately at the invoice date, unless special agreement has been issued in writing

If the Customer evokes the right of cancellation to which he would be legally entitled, he must assume the regular costs of the reshipment and the transport risks.



When your order has been accepted, it takes 5 to 10 working days for the production. Working days from Monday till Friday . Shipment can only happen after payment of the price of the goods and of the shipment & other transportation costs.

The shipping / transport method, shipping route and the selection of the shipping company is at our discretion.

Products sold by us are shipped to the customer at the address he / she indicated. It is the exclusive responsibility of the Customer to enter correct and up-to-date details relating to his address, telephone number, fax number email address and the like. Any unnecessary costs made by us in delivery because of errors in any of such details will be paid fully by the customer.

The risk of accidental destruction is transferred to the buyer when the products have been transferred to the shipping / transport company.



return and cancellation

there may be a slight deviation between the design you see on the computer and the actual design, colors can be upto a 15% difference, sizes upto a 4mm difference,  and the quantity till 15 precent. this cannot be a reason for cancelation,



We assume that the designs, drawings and signs submitted to us are your full ownership. You will be solely responsible for any claim from third parties in relation to any such designs, templates, drawings, signs and other items protected by intellectual rights; which you submitted to us, through our website or otherwise..

The service contains content that is owned or incensed by Cuplate.

It is protected by legislation on copyright, trademarks, patents, templates and other legislation. The user is not allowed to remove, modify, or hide any notice on copyrights, trademarks, or other proprietary rights that are included in cuplate content.

The user is also not all allowed to reproduce, modify, adapt,perform, display, sell or exploit cuplate content in any other way.

The Cuplate name and logo are Cuplate trademarks and may not be copied or used without Cuplates prior written consent.



We will not print designs that include criminal offenses such as defamation, pornography, racism, antisemitism and the like.



Claim of shortage, damaged products and any other visible defects must be made within 7 days from receipt of the products.Please refer to your order confirmation number when you call and if you ordered using a purchase number please also refer to this when contacting us.



Demonstration and training are not included in the prices shown at the online store but are available from us on request. If a contact concerning demonstration or training has already been established, please refer to this with a remark when placing the order at the online store.



Please note that, you cannot cancel or make changes to an order once the order was paid.

In the case of goods which are manufactured or acquired specifically for your company a cancellation/change of the order will be handled according to the contract.



Circumstances which preclude any claim for compensation and postpone the delivery date and/or payment date exist when breach of contract is caused by an obstacle beyond the control of us which we could not reasonable be expected to have taken into consideration or avoided at the time of the contractual transaction, nor could reasonably be expected to have overcome.

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